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F.A.S. [0] Frequently Answers from Serge

About HorseGuard policy

1 How long does it take to get your Horseguard fencing delivered?
HorseGuard fencing is warehoused in Montgomery Illinois, so by placing your order ON line at: It will be in the UPS ground service truck the next morning and about 3 to 6 business days later ready for you to install.
2 Can we pick up the order and so avoid shipping costs.
3 Can I return any item if I have ordered too much?

About paddocks sizes

4 How much would it cost me to fence my pasture 3 strands on22 acres?
5 I have x Acres how many feet perimeter does it make?

About HorseGuard various purposes -

6 Is the fence tape child safe?
7 Will the fence tape work for llamas?
8 How will wildlife react to the fence?
9 Will the fence- tape keep deers and rabbits out?
10 Can the tape be used for dogs?
11 What height would you suggest for large dogs?

The horse and the tape

12 Is it safe or dangerous
13 How do you recommend exposing a young horse to electric fencing?
14 Is it true that horses have poor eyesight?
15 What would happen at night if the horse can't see the fence?

Concerning installation

16 Can you use HorseGuard tape with split rail and post and board fence and run it on top of fence?
17 What would happen if you lay the gate handles on the ground to get a horse out, will it "ground" the fence?
18 What is the recommended separation between post or the maximum?
19 Why do you recommend now to use the 36w instead of the 45V?
20 Why is my fence loosing efficiency?
21 How long should a ground rod be?
22 (Portable Pen): How can we secure the corners if we dont have any fixed object like a tree that we can use?
23 Can you use only fibreglass poles?
24 Is the hardware included in the kit for this type of set up?
26 How do the line insulators keep from falling down on the fiberglass rods?
27 Why do you suggest brown, not white?

Installation and weather

28 What about hurricanes?
29 I live in a humid climate and I am having trouble with the fence mildewing. Will it damage the fence?
30 How will I install the fence in a hilly area? Can I install the insulators on trees?
31 How does your fence perform in the snow?
32 What can I do if our fence has been grounded by snow and our horse has figured it out?

T Post Guard

37 What do I get for your Tpost Guard KIT?
39 How does it compare in price with other brands?

Round Pen

40 How much does it weight?

Various questions

42 What are the pros and cons of using plastic fencing VS your electric fence tape?
43 Can I sell your tape in my store?

Warranty and Longevity

44 What about the warranty?
45 What about the longevity of the tape?

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