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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast can you react to an order?

A: - Here is a recent Email from Illinois:
Hi again,:
I have to be honest with you......I checked out a couple of my other horse magazines, (Paint Horse Journal and QH Journal) and sure enough Horseguard was also listed in them......also called the Better Business Bureau in Illinois to see that the company was legitimate (no complaints on your company, by the way). I felt skeptical because the fast responses you gave to my e-mails and quick quotes is something we're not use to. It's wonderful customer relations.......just unheard of around here!!! It's certainly a welcome change! Thanks.

Q: Can I make my barbed wire fence visible to my horses? A:

A quick and easy addition of a HorseGuard tape to an existing dangerous fence will provide safe protection
for your horse.
Previous customers acclaim :
" A hot wire even the horse can see."
Q: How can we get information material from you?
A: The 73 pages brochure is delivered free from charge.
You can order it (click here) on the website
or look at our
On Line Paper Catalog (click here) or you can call in 1-888-77-FENCE ext 1 , and ask for it. Supply of fencing materials, for any length of fence is extremely fast.
UPS ground service delivery from our warehouse facilities in Illinois, to the 48 contiguous states, takes usually 3 to 5 days.
You can also choose other UPS options. If you don't want to waist your time to determine what you need to make your fencing: fill out the questionnaire and you'll receive a quote by email, within 24 hours. If the lay out is complicated, you better send a rough sketch by email or by fax. In that case we'll return you, together with the estimate, a layout of your pasture with a schematic plan .
Our fax # is 402-220-0399
Q: - I have put up a lot of your fencing and think it's perfect for horses. however, since I live in southern Louisiana I'm having problems with it mildewing. It's a bacteria, it turns the fence green. Can you help? Thank you for a great product. A: Dear Sandra,
HorseGuard tape is made out of polyethylene plastic which is the most resistant to:
- UV
- Humidity
- Abrasion
- Etc...
- Mold and mildewing will not damage it.
It is only an aesthetic matter.
Considering the part of the state where you live, I am sure that most of your materials are subject to the same trouble.
(We sometimes have this kind of problem when the tape goes under a tree. )
The solutions are:
-Cleaning it with a sponge (or rag) with bleach or "Mr. Clean. " (Try to do it on a rainy day in order to have automatic rinsing!)
-Change your white tape for BROWN or GREEN tape in the future It won't show.
But once again It won't damage the white tape or reduce the efficiency of your fence.
If I can be of any more help to you, please let me know.
Q: What is the most visible color of fencing to horses ? A: Long term tests by British Forestry Commission Laboratories established that all animals who use flight as their prime defense can see only natural colors when frightened.
A well respected major British Thoroughbred stud farm tested green, brown, orange, white and blue tapes on their visiting mares (600+ a year).

Their irrefutable evidence was that ALL the mares saw brown and green tapes before they saw any other colors.
Orange, yellow, black, white or blue seems to appear as different shades of Grey to horses.

The tests of both the stud farm and the laboratories established that horses see brown and green 1 1/2inches tape from about 30-40 meters away. Other colors from 15-20 meters and even closer for white tape.
All hunters, wearing orange jackets and caps know that most mammals do not see the red / orange spectrum of colors. Any company trying to sell fencing tape in that spectrum of not know what they are talking about. They imagine that because these colors are highly visible to humans they must also be visible to animals!

Q: How can you sell better & cheaper
at the same time?

A: Our Horseguard Fence tape has 30% more stainless steel than copies of our products and costs 11 cents per foot (Vs 15 & 14 cents per foot). The reason ? We sell at factory outlet prices (No middle man, no dealers, no commercial costs). Being the number one in Europe we also weave a large volume of tape for thousands of horse owners. This large production lowers the costs...
Q: - Do you have any suppliers near here ? A: - No, we only sell direct mail through our site or through our brochure + samples that you can get by e-mailing your address.

Q: how safe is a gate made out of your tape ?
A: The tape gate is as reliable
as the rest of the fence!!!
no scratching, no pushing,
no vet bill...

Q: Can I build a permanent tape gate? A: Of course and
by showing the gate to the other horses
you will stop them
with absolute efficiency.
Q:Should the tape be buckled ? A: No, you can have a U shape or a straight line fence, any tape shape will work. Just connect it to your fence charger.
Hook the gate this way when the pasture is empty, in order to avoid sparks on the ground. This also shows you that there are no horses in the pasture.

Q:can I install your tape the same way as a permanent rail fence? A: HorseGuard electric tape
is an injury proof permanent rail fence
and the definitive respect shown by horses is an added bonus.

Q: - You don't accept bank checks?

A: - We accept certified checks ,or money orders . We take Master Card , Discover and Visa .
You can order with confidence by Secure mode SSL
on our products list page .
WWW.HORSEGUARDFENCE.COM is a VeriSign Secure Site .

Or, if you prefer you can contact Marie at our HorseGuard office in Illinois : 630-551-0053

Phone:1-888-77 FENCE
Fax : 1-888-77 FENCE
Q: Can I hold the gate without being zapped? A: Yes of course, the gate handles are insulated.
To take one horse out, hook the bottom gate to the top gate and hold it in your right hand. And with your left hand, lead the horse out.
Q: Do you recommend using wooden braces for corners with horse guard fence--as with other fence types? I would expect to use three 4" round wood posts for each corner, one for the actual corner post and two set 8' apart at a 90 degree angle. These corners would, with usual fence types, be braced diagonally on both sides with 2 1/2" round posts or larger. Is this overkill with horse guard fence?

A: No you do not need to brace your posts in corners. One reason for that is that you are not going to put a lot of stress to tension the tape. Just pulling it by hands in order to have it net & straight is plenty enough! Another reason is that nobody (horse included ) will dare touch the tape,
so when it is set gently...forget it!
Q:Do horses see your fencing better? A: This is a "photo-clip" of what a horse is supposed to see according to DVM Dwight Bennet from C.S.U.
When we invented the tape 17 years ago, all we did was to ad vision (1,1/2' wide) to the electric dissuasion.

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