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How to install the Block Stresser #TPB

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What makes the T-PostGuard fit snuggly without wiggling on the post?

Each sleeve segment has a star shaped pattern that centers the segment using the T-post as a backbone.
The space between two studs allows you to adjust the height of your T-postGuard, it will hold it in position, ensuring no wiggling on the t-post.
Each segment presents 2 precuts centered and sided holes (you will punch one) in order to suit the T-post position .

The block Tensioner #TPB
In the corners and at the gate you have a choice of using
  • T-Posts set in concrete and block tensioners
  • 4"x 4" wood posts + a #36W tensioner (thus no block tensioner)

Top view of the t-post with the block. One complete Block Tensioner Top view of the t-post shape inside the block.
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The Block Tensioner in the T-PostGuard sleeve

Install the Block-Tensioner inside the TPostGuard. The Block-tensioner holds itself inside the T-PostGuard. Make sure to align the holes, then insert the big screw of the tensioner base into the hole; set the buckle; attach the black top of the tensioner with the 2 short lagbolts.

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