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HORSEGUARD The Original Electric Tape Fence System

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Technical Hints

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The easiest and simplest way to install HorseGuard Fence

Install one mile of HorseGuard Tape in less than 30 minutes !

Attach the tape to buckle N°1

Make a loop with the tape.
Push it through the buckle.
Insert the tang in the loop
Pull the end of the tape
To lock it, go again through the stainless steel buckle Secure the tail with the clip
(the Clip is located between
the cap and the base of the tensioner)

Unrolling the spool of tape:

Unroll the tape to
the next tensioner #36W

Pull the WHOLE tape by hand
(even a mile of tape is easy to pull out)

Attach the tape to buckle N°2
Set the tape
in the #36W buckle.
Pull and set the definitive tension of your fence
from one tensioner #36W to the next #36W.
Cut the tape 8"
from the buckle
Secure the tail
with the clip

How to secure the tape into the #8N insulators

Close the cap of #8N insulator
with the lower pin
Pull the cover toward you
Pick-up the tape
and slide it inside the #8N
Push the cap
and secure with the upper pin

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